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How to change fonts in android

Written by Asish

                           Hello Friends, As we know fonts are the book covers of the digital age: no matter how good the content might be, an ugly font is enough reason to turn away forever. Indeed, an ugly font is more than just ugly. It makes reading into a chore that proves exhausting for the eyes. On the other hand, a well-designed font can completely change the atmosphere and mood of a website or app


That’s why finding the right font for your phone could be the difference between a wonderful Android experience and an Android that you despise using so lets start. Android, as a unrelated Operating System, is not offering so much support .When it comes to changing the fonts for the menu and this can be quite annoying as most users have the desire of knowing that they can have full access to any kind of customization over their device. In any case, we’re here to help, and, thankfully, there’s a way to change fonts even if you’re not rooted, though there are obviously more limitations that way.
Keep in mind that if your smartphone is under a contract, the carrier is not covering any damage caused by a rooted device, so you will have to do the rooting on your own risk,
  Now that you made all the necessary actions, backup and root, you are now ready to go on with the first three methods of changing the Android OS Font.


1. First of all this trick needs root access in your Android Device. Click here for rooting guide. Or 8 Methods of Rooting Guide

2. Download and open HIFONT in your device – Click here to Download.

3. Download your favorite font from the App and apply in your phone and it will automatically switch into your desired font.

Here are some names of famous fonts –

1. Open Sans.
2. Quicksand.
3. Alex Brush.
4. GoodDog.
5. Pacifico.
5. Lobster.
6. Caviar Dreams.
7. Grand Hotel.
8. Sail.
9. Sofia Pro.
10. Capture it.

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