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How to Detect And Delete Copy Files From android Phone +Free Space From Your Phone

Written by Asish
       Nowadays storage is not a tricky for most android devices because the mobile phones come with a minimum storage capacity of at least 16 GB by default and you can increase it by using Micro SD memory card. You can add up to  64GB of capacity ALSO. When you have so much storage space in your hand then you will try to use the big storage by filling from downloads, music, images and videos. When you added so much content to your device then your system will become little slower. Then you go for deleting some useless files to free up some extra space. We should delete excessive files but we should look up for the duplicate files that must be deleted. About 10% of the physical storage on most devices is filled with duplicate files and you can make more space by deleting these files. Deleting duplicate files one by one is not easy, but you should go for a good android app to make this process as simple and easy. I hope this trick helps you to remove duplicate content from your phone. Let’s try some apps which are easily available in Google play store.

Lets Try Search Duplicate File(Super)

What are the duplicate files?
  • 1. The music, photos, videos or app that ur downloaded form the internet twice or more times.
  • 2. The music, photo, video or app that your received via Bluetooth/Any other sharing app twice or more.
  • 3. The cached images or thumbnails, some media apps created them.
  • 4. The backup files, some backup apps created them.


1- Install this app From Here- DOWNLOAD or Search From Playstore
2- Open the App den Click on Search and it will search that duplicate files.
3- It will Search and Detect The Files.



4- Choose The Duplicate Files And delete it


Thats it


Lets Try another App which is also used for deleting duplicate files from Android phone

Another App also here Called Duplicate Media Remove
About the App-
The app removes all media duplicates present in your storage.


* The app can be used to selectively scan certain folders of your phone for duplicates (media duplicates only – audio, images, videos).
* You can use other applications during the scan, Duplicate Media Remover will notify you once the duplicates have been found.
* You can select which files to be deleted (originals and duplicates).
* The stats of your scans are maintained for your reference.
* You can schedule scans at your convenience.
* You can also share the stats of a single scan as a picture.

Download  From Here ->Duplicate Media Remove

1. First of all download and install the cool app Duplicate Media Remover in your android.
2. Now launch the app and just tap on Find Duplicate button there.
3. scanning process will get started and you can will see the duplicates files name appearing there.
4. when the scan get completed you can see all the duplicate files scanned out
5. you can either Deselect All Files Or Select All Files and then delete them permanently to free up your storage of your device.
6. In above step its your choice that you want to remove out all the duplicate files or only the selective one that you never want to be repeated in your android.

7. Thats it you are done now you will see now you android storage will gets free up with a lots of memory and its switching speed will get better.

Thats It.

Note: Please note that this tutorial is solely for educational purpose and I am not responsible for any kind of illegal usage of this tutorial

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