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LATEST TRICK :- FB PHISHING 100000% WORKING (Lets Learn) Feb 2018

                   Hello Friends! As The Tile Of Our Post Suggest That Today We Are Going To Learn Facebook Phishing Via Mobile.Wapka Is Site Which Is Used To Perform Mobile Phishing. As All Of You Know That To Perform A Phishing Attack We Need A Web Hosting, For This Purpose We Choose Wapka (Free Web Hosting For Mobile).A Huge Advantage Provided By Wapka Is That It Doesn’t Block Our Account While We Are Performing Our Phishing Attack As Other Free Hosting Websites Does.

                        Wapka Phishing Codes Refers To The Html/Xhtml Codes Which Helps To Code The Page And Makes It Like The Original Phising Page. You Can Create Your Own’s Phishing Page Today Via Wapka.Mobi! So, I Have Collected Some  Facebook Phishing Page Codes Which Look A Bit Similar To A Facebook Page But It’s Not Actually A Facebook Page. I Will Not Teach You How To Do That Attack But Yes! I Can Help You By Providing Some Wapka Codes For Mobile Phishing Page. You Can Look Below…

Updated 2017 NOV


For India-Use Any Free Vpn(Avaliable in play store and chrome Extension like Zenmate, Opera vpn Etc) with  USA Region {Updated for 2018}

Step 1: Register a new Wapka Account
First create a new wapka account by clicking HERE.

Step 2: Now login to your account and goto (Site List) and create a new site.
Example: www.example.wapka.mobi
Then click on Manage.
Step 3: Now you have 2 modes available, Click on Admin mode.

Step 4: As you click on Admin mode you redirects to a Blank page. It’s blank because till now you do nothing to your newly created site.
At the Lower right most corner you have a link ::EDIT SITE(#):: click on it.

Step 5: Now click on – (WML/XHTML code).On clicking it you have window.

Step 6: Now Copy All The Code i.e RAW Paste Data  

Copy all the code and paste it into (WML/XHTML code) box and click on Submit button.

Step 7: It’s all over now send your site link which was created at Step 2 to your victim. As your victim login to your page his/her E-mail and Password sends to your E-mail by which you have created your account at wapka at first step.

So friends Enjoy Spoofing………….

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  1. Enter your comment… Friends Wapka.mobi this site is not working anymore, its blocked now….so don't waste your time on it. Thnks

  2. this is not working a site and this error are display
    "Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information."

  3. bro at end it say website is blocked by governemnt.i tried every hard method to solve .nothing help me.do u have any ?

  4. hey guys I really need the Phishing code I couldn't get it so is there any one to help about getting the codes please if you can then send it to my email (zarmal93@yahoo.com.au

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