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How to Download Torrent with IDM – Top 5 Methods Download Now

Written by Asish
Download torrents with IDM which is quite faster than downloading by torrent download manager. Internet download manager (IDM) performs the best unlike any other. Internet download manager accelerates downloads 5 times. It gives maximum downloading speed even if the torrents have less number of seeds. I will share 5 methods to download torrents with IDM. By these methods, you can easily download torrent without client or without converting a torrent to IDM.

Method 1: Download Torrent with IDM By using

This methods is very easy to follow. Users can create account by using Social Media accounts. Just copy paste the desired torrent link in IDM.
  1. Register on this website File Stream
    How to Download Torrent with IDM By using
  2. Click Download Torrent on the site’s web page.
  3. Browse torrent for your desired link.
  4. Click on Download.
  5. Copy and paste the link into IDM.

Method 2: Download Torrent with IDM By using Zbigz

  1. Register for free on ZbigZ
    How to Download Torrent with IDM By using Zbigz
  2.  Click Upload button on the homepage a press Go.
  3. Click on “Free”.How to Download Torrent with IDM By using Zbigz for free
  4. You’ll see a screen which has a .zip icon. Click it.
  5. Click Start Download button.


Method 3: Download Torrent with IDM By using magnetic Link to download Torrent to IDM

By this method, you can directly download on IDM Software. You need not use any other website.

  1. Go to any open tracker torrent websites like Extratorrent or Extv and search for what you want to download.
  2. Go that page which you usually use for downloading torrent files and look for an option called “Magnet Download”.
  3.  The pop-up that will come with the large array of characters is the magnet link of the torrent. Just click Copy the Magnet Link.
  4. Run IDM à Go to Options àClick on Magnet Link
  5. Paste the previously copied magnet link in the magnet box and click OK.
  6. Your download has started and after it completes choose a location in your DRIVE to save it.

Method 4: Download Torrent with IDM By using BitPort to download torrent with IDM

  1. Go toBitPort website and register.
  2. A mail is sent to verify your account. Verify your account so that the website is accessible.
  3. You need to copy the magnetic links from other torrent sites and paste them in BitPort website.
  4. Wait till Beatport website uploads them to their server.
  5. After the uploading of the file to the BitPort server completes, the caching begins.
  6. Next, you would get a direct download link for your torrent file.
  7. Choose a folder to save the torrent file.

Method 5: Download Torrent with IDM Using OUTDRIVE

  1. Go to the website Putdrive and register.
  2. Next, you upload the torrent file and wait till it is cached.
  3. After it has cached, it will provide you the direct link for download.
  4. Click on the link and chose to download a torrent via IDM.
  5. The torrent gets downloaded to your chosen folder.
  6. Your torrent will get downloaded via IDM

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