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Send Blank Message on Whatsapp 2017 (video)

Written by Asish
The base logic of the formation of a blank message is, type something which whatsapp cannot understand! And Whatsapp, being an application which works on your phone, is easy to deal with; whereas sending blank messages on Facebook is little more difficult.


There can be many reasons for a person wanting to or not to send a blank message to another person. We’re running a survey which would let us know how many % of people prefer to send blank messages to others.

So, with No word, you can send blank messages easily with just a single tap on your phone. This is because No word already contains an option to Send Blank Message on Whatsapp just clicking on that will do your work.
1- Open Your Whatsapp
2- Choose the Contact which you want to send Blank text Message
3-Open Chat And Press Grave Accent Symbol like shown (“`    “` )
( 3 Symbol Then SPACE Then 3 Symbol)
4-If you want larger text just give more Space between symbol and enjoy
Video Tutorial
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