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Turn on Phone Screen With Volume Buttons (Android)

Written by Asish

Turn on phone screen by volume keys: Hey Guys, In This Guide I will tell you about How can you wake up your android device screen with volume buttons. If you have one android device, and power button of your device is broken or not working properly then you can use this simple app. This Simple app can fix your android device power button issue. There are some android devices have inbuilt feature of unloking android by press volume keys, but most of the android devices doesn’t have this feature. Don’t worry, you can add this feature in your existing android device with the help of simple android app which is described below.
       You can Actually Turn on your android device’s screen easily with the help of simple android app which is described below. This app is one of the best app which you should install in your android device if power button of your device is broken. The Best Thing is, this app doesn’t need any root permissions to work. So Simply use this app and click on start button and it will allow you to unlock your android device via Volume Keys. If Power button of your android device is not working properly, then there are lots of other ways to unlock it like plug it in charger or to pc via data cable, it will turn screen on etc. But every time you can not turn on your phone’s screen via charger etc.

So Here we have one simple android app, Which you can use for unlock / wake up your android phone with data cable. The feature of unlocking android phone with volume buttons is also available in some custom roms like cyanogenmod etc. But now you can also add this feature in any other android device with stock rom too with the help of one simple one android app. You can use this app in any android device and it will work. You can use both volume up and down keys in your android for unlock the screen. There are many apps available on Google Play Store for this purpose, but this is the one of the best app ever for this purpose, which I have described below.

How to Wake Up Android Phone With Volume Buttons

For Unlock your android phone with volume buttons, simply follow the below easy steps. After following these steps, you will be able to unlock your android phone’s screen with the help of volume buttons. So Checkout the guide and don’t worry about the broken power button in your android device 😀
  • At First, Download and Install this Volume Key Unlocker app from Play Store
  • After Open This App, Click on Enable Volume Power which is the first option in this app and enable this option from the app.
  • After enable it, You can Turn Your Phone’s Screen off and you can turn it on with the help of volume buttons of your android device.]
  • You can also click Start On Boot to run this app every time when you restart device.
  • You can also uninstall this app to disable this function from your device. There is an Option to uninstall this app from the app itself.


  • Thats it guys….. Enjoy and save your power button to be damaged

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