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How Hackers Can use Keyloggers To Hack Accounts

Written by Asish
Accounts password hacking with keylogger guide for securing. Keyloggers is the best software to hack the accounts of victims that through recording their device when they will login to their accounts .This software is hidden so that your victim cannot judge it and it also simultaneously works so as to hack the passwords that are recorded and saved in your local storage location.Here in this article you will learn how most hackers use Keyloggers to hack up the accounts succesfully and you will also how you can also do like them.Just follow up the steps given below to know how to do it.

1.Creating server:

First of all you has to create up the keylogger server that will run on the machine of the victim and will capture the keystrokes and mail us on the email account that will be used to build the keylogger.To build up the keylogger server you has to follow the given steps:
a) Download the keylogger and good binder from google.
b) Open the keylogger file and here the Gmail ID and password will be required.
c) Click on the server settings in the keylogger and then enter the time after which you want the report. After that choose the output location and give it any name.
d) After that click on the log and Result settings and then in Log Email Title enter the subject of email also click the last two options i.e add computer name and add victim name.
e) Tap on other options like unclick the message button because on binding it will not show any warning messages.Now click on build keyloggers and after that you will see your keyloggers file at the location that you has given previously.
f) Now your Keylogger server is ready for hacking accounts.

2.Extracting the Icon File from any installer(resourse hacker):

a) Open the resourse hacker folder and then open the reshacker file and then go to its menu and open any setup file.
b) Click on the action button in the menu and then click save all resourses button.This will save all your resourses to desktop or any other location of your choise.It will consist of two files one is icon file and the other one is res file.The Icon file will be required for other steps.
c) Now we have got the Icon of the installer file that will be used further in other steps.

3.Binding the Keylogger server:

a) Go to the keylogger folder and then open the binder and then click on the + button given below to add files.
b) Add the keyloggers server there and the set up of the software.After that Go to settings in the menu of binder.Select the icon that we have generated in the previous step and then set the location of the output file.
c) Again go to the File menu in binder and then click on bind files.
d) Here your Binded Keylogger is ready.The only thing that you has to do now is to spread it to the victims or users that are your friend.


The Keyloggers setup that you will send through various posts or forumns to your victims and after being installed it will send you the anonomous data of their keystrokes that will also contain their logins to the accounts from which you can now find their usernames and the corresponding passwords.
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