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Reliance Jio Tricks- All Question Answered ,Jio Scams (Buy Jio SIM Online)

Written by Asish

Jio Tricks and Tips

Hello Guys , by name you must have already understood  what this post is all about . Jio has already made our minds and spoiled us by giving us unlimited data . When we spent 10GB in a month and now we spend 10GB in 2 or 3 days . If you still dont know what is Jio or not got your hands with Jio then dont worry we made this All in one post .
We Will Try To Answer Every Viral and most queried question . Starting  from beginning.
What Is Jio . If you have still not got hands on jio.

Some Recent Jio Updates-Jio News

As Per An Update Came Today From TRAI Regarding All Operators Including Jio
1. As complained by airtel idea vodafone regarding jio plans to Trai . Trai Investigated And found jio innocent .
2. It Regulted A New Law Regarding Jio That The People Who Get Their Hands With Jio After 3rd December Wont Get Benefits Of unlimited plan till 31st december so you wont get Benfits after 31st so get yyour jio before 3rd december . That Will Not affect any user who already got jio .
3. People Who bought jio with phone for 1 year jio plan would be activated the same day and company would not extend it any further as it did from 3 months to 31st december . So Guyz dont keep any hope.
Now Coming To Question which is Going Viral Every Day

How To Increase Jio Speed ?

Guyz this question is going viral after 5th september on internet as Jio lagging tower specialization has tried to give Jio to all . And due to this speed has dropped down almost 9 times .
So this question answer can be given like this  . No speed cant be increased.  Many websites and youtubers claim that their speed increased but no it can’t.
Most of the tricks include using of any sort of VPN. Guyz VPN is used for illegal surfing like spoofing your country .
Few audio softwares dont work in India but they are made working with VPN. On our personal experience we tried each and every trick to Increase speed but it cant be.

#2 Capping Issue |Till 4GB| – Trick to Bypass jio 4GB data Limit

Many people say they can uncap the 4GB limit of daily . But they cant . As this is not a thing which works on phone or IMEI OR any sort phone based thing .
This System works on MSISDN the serial no. Given to your sim . One blog i came across says it works on IMEi so after 4GB change your IMEI and increase your speed .
I mean seriously  . We are so much advanced and cant diffrentiate between IMEI and MSISDN . This Thing can only be bypassed when someone hacks into the system of JIO and which is almost next to impossible (at least at this time ) .

#3 Rolling Back To Preview Offer For crossing 4GB Limit

How to Go Back in Jio Preview Offer From Jio welcome Offer

In one line it is not possible . As per current reports each and every sim working right now and each sim which is being allotted is being automatically converted to Welcome Offer .
So forget what is welcome and what is preview. There is only and only one offer with 4GB cap that is welcome offer .
Many youtubers  say just install old apk of my jio and you will be rolled back to preview offer . WTH !! Wait Let me explain you ,Old my jio has a particular  coding and the new has another.
In a simple way go to play store and search Jio4G Voice . This app was earlier named JioJoin so as the update came it showed Jio4g Voice .
But i still have JioJoin so that doesn’t  mean it will show Jio4gVoice . When i will update it will show again Jio4gVoice instead of JioJoin .
On 5th September  an sms was rolled to every Jio customer for welcome offer that their no. Is now converted to plan of Jio Welcome Offer .Beware Now

#4  Jio Online Sim Delivery

How to Get Jio SIM Online

It is not first time that fake messages spread how viral on social platform . Same has happened with Jio .
Many sites are being bulit with name as like Freejio4gsim and many others.
Beware  Alert  Its a scam 
Jio still has not launched any online portal for Jio Sim delivery .
And there is no chance for it too at least at this time . These fake sites only collect your personal info and gain traffic and earns many bucks . So from now ignore these fake websites .

#5 IMEI Blocking- Jio will Block IMEI after 31st Dec

Many people  have spread rumors that after 31st Dec you have to use only and only Jio simin your phone and cant remove it otherwise you Sim slot would be blocked .
Guyz No . Listen .
We are buying GSM sims and not CDMA , And the handsets we are using are GSM so now you tell me can your IMEI have blocked when both things are GSM
If you were using CDMA then it was possible as both would get stuck . But No , And IMEI  blocking is not possible  in any way.
And for an instance we take that it happens then we know that people of India will uproot Jio and Ambani .

#6 RansomWare-Vulnerability in Jio Network

This keyword is being listened  in Day to day lives from 1 month .
Ransomware is a virus which will decrypt all your filed including C drive and F G H and all other drives .
You will  lose control over your Data and wont be able to recover it anyway.  Few Antivirus like Bitly claims it can save you only when you install it before .
But if ransomware once occurs nothing can be done. You must be thinking what it has to do with jio , then let me tell you it has to do . It is a probability  and a chance as people are reporting as soon as they connected Jio network with their PC’s  and opened any sort of low rank website their PC got attacked with Ransom ware.
Ransomware can only be fixed only when you Hard reset your PC including formatting your OS .
Final Words :- 
So Guys, In This Article i have Tried to expose Some Scams Running in The Name Of Jio as described Above. So Be safe stay safe and Don’t Trap in Any of This Kind Of Fake Offers On The Name Of Jio

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