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Trick to Boot Or Start Computer Faster

Written by Asish
One… two… three… how many minutes does it take your computer to start up? Hopefully not more than three, but it wouldn’t surprise me if you said it surpassed that time. The thing is, our computers have a lot to do when starting up and I think it’s something we often forget about and take for granted. That said, how can we blame our computers when we’re bogging it down with a bunch of junk?


It may not even be junk – it may just be great programs, but just starting up when they don’t need to. Let’s take a look at some useful programs you can use and some things you can do to minimize your start time and get on with your tasks.


Trick to Boot Or Start Computer Faster

Trick – 1

  • Press start button and type msconfig and press enter.
  • Or go to
    Start > Run > type msconfig
    press enter .
  • Go to the startup tab. In this tab you will see a list of programs which run on starting windows . These are all the programs that automatically start when you boot your PC. It is these that slow down the boot up process.
  • Unchecked all the unwanted items like ms-office, messengers other utilities that you may not need at startup). 
  • Don’t uncheck your antivirus software. 🙂
  • Restart your Pc to and see for yourself, your pc will now boot faster.

Trick to Boot Or Start Computer Faster

Trick – 2

A great new feature in Microsoft Windows XP is the ability to do a boot defragment. This places all boot files next to each other on the disk to allow for faster booting. By default this option is enabled, but on some systems it is not, so below is the information on how to turn it on:
  • Go to Start Menu and Click Run
  • Type in regedit then click ok
  • Find




  • Select “Enable” from the list on the right
  • Right on it and select “Modify
  • Change the value to .
  • Reboot your Pc and see the change yourself.

Trick to Boot Or Start Computer Faster

Trick – 3

You may have tried many tweaks like modifying windows XP start-up applications, prefetches, unload DLLs method, etc. And yes those methods do work for me.


I have just accidentally found out another way to give you an extra boost in windows XP’s boot performance. This is done by disabling your unused devices in Device Manager. for example, if you don’t have input devices that are connected to one of your USB’s or COM ports, disabling them will give you an extra performance boost in booting. 


  • Go to


    Control Panel -> System -> Hardware tab -> Device manager 


  • Disable devices that you don’t use for your PC and then restart.
Note:-Try on your own risk.

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