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Sometimes, while switching through different tabs in the browser, we accidentally click on the cross (X) button which results in the tab getting closed. This is a common problem with Google Chrome users because this browser doesn’t yet included tab overflow feature which is available in Firefox and Internet Explorer.


So, if you are a heavy tab user and have got too many tabs open in Chrome then identifying them is a problem, and you could end up spending considerable amount of time to find out which tab you closed accidently when you do. Hence you gotta know how to quickly reopen that tab before you lose track.

There are 3 methods to open recently closed tabs in Google Chrome.

Method 1: Google chrome has a huge list of shortcuts keys available for various functions. Fortunately there’s one key combination for restoring accidentally closed tabs as well. If you accidentally close a tab, you can press the CTRL + ALT + T key combination to restore closed tabs according to the order in which they were closed.
Method 2: You can use the recent tabs option in Google chrome settings to view the recently closed tabs and open the tab which you had closed accidentally.

Method 3: As all of you might already know, all web browsers record the websites browsed by you in their history. In case you accidentally close a tab in Google chrome and remember the site that was opened in that tab, you can easily browse chrome’s history and open that site once again.

You can either press the CTRL + H key combination or type in chrome://history in chrome’s address bar to access Chrome history.

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