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How to Create Fake WhatsApp Conversation for Prank

Written by Asish
Did you ever received a WhatsApp conversation or chat screenshot from your friend? I know your answer, Its definitely BIG YES! but be careful it may be created with the fake Whatsapp chat screenshot generator (creator), may be you’ve got fooled!
So, In this article, we are going to discuss this WhatsApp Fake Chat Creator of the Fake WhatsApp Messages, Chats or you say Conversations. There are some apps available on the Web which will allow you to generate a screenshot of your desire Whatsapp chat  and will allow you to generate or create an Image of that conversation with just a few taps on you phone. So, let’t find out the apps and how to generate a fake screenshot to fool someone!

How to generate Fake

  • First of all Download WhatSaid.apk. Its 639 KB!
  • Now install it normally on your
  • device.
  • After installing, you will notice that the app interface looks a bit similar to WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Now you can just name your fake friend and add his image and start creating fake chat conversation and prank them.
  • Well you can also share the whole chat conversation through facebook or messages (via ScreenShot :D), so now share it and have fun. Enjoy pranking!!

Note: Please note that this tutorial is solely for educational purpose and I am not responsible for any kind of illegal usage of this tutorial.

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