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Block The Ads From Your Android Phone

Written by Asish

Hello Friends Lets Do a Trick For Blocking Ads from our Smart Phone. As We Know Pop-Up Ads Are The Most Intrusive Kind Of Adverts. Annoying on a Desktop PC or laptop, Potentially Ruinously Expensive on a Mobile Device. Downloading Heavy Web-Pages Takes Enough Data: You Don’t Need The Additional Cost Of Paying To Load Up An Ad Man’s Marketing Message.

Fortunately For Android Users, There Is No Reason To Suffer From Pop-Ups On Your Mobile. And Here We Suggest Three Straightforward Ways To Stop Pop-Ups Appearing On Your Android Phone. These Tips Will All Work For Android Tablets, Too
Did You Know That All Those Ads Actually Use Loads Of Your Data Allowance? Just Think About It. If You Load A Web Page And There’s A Group Of Video Ads Playing On The Side The Entire Time You’re On The Site, That Data Flow Has To Come From Somewhere, And That Somewhere Is Your Data Plan. So Installing An Ad Blocker On Your Android Can Not Only Save Your Stability.
Ads Are Arriving On Your Android Phone, Inside Games And Apps, In Your Mobile Browser, And Even As Push Notifications. These Ads Divert You When You’re Playing A Game, Blink And Flash When You’re Simply Trying To Browse The Web, And Eat Up The Little Bit Of Data Available On Your Not-So-Unlimited Data Plan.


Note: Rooting A Smartphone Gives You Complete Control Over Your Phone And Also Allowing You Access To All Of The Files On Your Device. With A Rooted Phone, You Can Remove Unwanted Software, Run Root-Only Applications (Such As Ad Blockers), And Install Other Versions Of Android Which Is Known As ROMs. However, You Do Void Your Warranty When You Root Your Phone And Drive Faster.

How To Block Ads From Your Android Phone?

Follow the below procedures to Block Ads From Your Android Phone forever :
1) Download the AdBlock App from below:
Download Add Block Plus – CLICK HERE
2) Install It In your device.
3) After Installation Select these two options as shown below.


4) You are done!
Well, there are many types of APPS which enables you to remove ads from your phone. But in my opinon AdBlock is the best one! So, this is the best way I guess to, Block Ads From Your Android Phone.

Note: Please note that this tutorial is solely for educational purpose and I am not responsible for any kind of illegal usage of this tutorial.

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